Next week is the last week we'll be in the studio

January 16, 2008

Danny & I were in the studio yesterday---this is by far, the best recording we've recorded--hands down.  It has the CBx mix of "POLKA-ROCK-BLUES/ZYDECO" on it. 

A few things we've done differently this recording:  We recorded it at Rock Garden Studios in Appleton, WI.  (And not to mention, this is the first full CD that CBx recorded that we didn't record ourselves...which was nice for a change.)  Not only did we not have to record it ourselves, we also did a little at a time, which has been good for us in a way that we could record things and then had time to let it sit and come back to it in the midst of playing LIVE shows.  We had a great time in the studio recording, trying to make a recording with our LIVE feel to it.

We are also excited to have a few guests on this recording...Chris Wagoner from the Moon Gypsies added a few tracks on steel guitar (awesome job!), as well as "The Stumpffer" Kevin Hemb on the Stumpf fiddle, and Jeff Roblee on percussion.

We can't wait to share it with you!

Posted by Michelle Jerabek