Danny Jerabek, Accordionist with Copper Box: Emerging artists from Wisconsin

December 17, 2014

By Christa T. O’Neill for Accordion Americana There is something about Midwest America that comes alive in the cold.  As the crisp days of October ease Fall into the chill of November and move us into early Winter, music festivals and street parties abound. Mulled wine, craft beer, food and often, men in lederhosen, get the party started during any local Oktoberfest as a precursor to the holidays. It’s always the best time of year for live music. There is a sense of belonging among the throngs of people brought together in large tents with nothing to do but keep warm, laugh, sing, drink and perhaps, dance. They may seem as though they have nowhere else to go but in reality, there is no where else they would rather be. At events held in parks in small college towns or on streets of larger towns in any of the Great Lakes states, often you will see an emerging regional band named Copper Box with Danny Jerabek and his accordion, at the center of it all..........

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