New Orleans and Oktoberfests

September 24, 2012

Wow! Copper Box has had an awesome start to the Oktoberfest season the last two weeks.  The band's 7th year at the Plymouth Oktoberfest and the 2nd @ Chippewa Falls Oktoberfest were both physically and emotionally amazing.  

Tomorrow the band heads down to New Orleans for the first time to perform.  Check the tour page for information on where and when.  New Orleans is famous for being culturally rich in music, art, food, and dancing.  CBox is expecting to take that all in and more.....  :)

Our long standing Oktoberfest gigs in Appleton and Dheinsville(Germantown) Wisconsin will be on our minds when we get back home, and we plan on "Polka Rockin'" everyone there.  

Ein Prosit, everybody!

Americana Music Conference

September 11, 2012

Michelle will be heading to the Americana Music Conference held in Nashville, TN this week to represent the band.  There is also a guest performance by Bonnie Raitt at The Ryman this year, as well as several other artists supporting the Americana genre of music.  If you are wondering what exactly IS Americana?....It's roots music that includes multiple musical influences such as polka, Zydeco, blues, roots rock, some older country, singer songwriters, bluegrass, jazz, etc.  It is a very vague term, but remains live and well and growing in popularity as the musical age we are in evolves. 

For more information or to join & support Americana Music, visit