Mad Toast LIVE in Madison, WI

September 28, 2009

Mad Toast Live in Madison, WI on Tuesday, Sept. 29th!  Join us at The Brink Lounge.

Back from's Oktoberfest time!

September 22, 2009

We are back from Utah---we played at the Snowbird Resort for Oktoberfest.  It is a very beautiful area!  We had time to take the ski lift to the top of a mountain---wow!  It was very cold!!  We even met some fans from Wisconsin there!

We also had a great time at the 6th Annual Plymouth Oktoberfest (WI)!  This is a fun one to mark on your calendar---it gets bigger every year and they've got great food & beer to go with the music! 

We looking forward to Appleton (WI) Oktoberfest 2009 this Saturday.  We play at 1pm on the corner of College Ave. & Superior.  -------And don't forget, Dheinsville Oktoberfest this Sunday (north of Germantown)!  We start at 3:30pm. Check the TOUR DATES for more information.