Returned from our trip to Texas

November 7, 2007

We had an interesting trip back from TX.  Obviously it is a long haul when you're driving through the night...all day...all night.  As we were pulling into a gas station in Missouri, Danny thought he found a great spot to rest our eyes for a while in the corner of the front parking lot, next to some big poles. 

When he stopped the van, I woke up and thought we should keep going, so I moved into the drivers seat and started to pick out some CDs for the next few hours.  Just as I started to do that, Danny starts yelling, "quick back up!"  Before I had time to think I looked through the passenger window and saw a semi backing up...he never saw our big van there!!???  I threw it into reverse with inches to spare.  We could have been sleeping during that---but we were wide awake after that!!

As I headed down the road about an hour or so...a big feathery bird decided to come flying at the windshield...only hit the corner on the drivers damage done, so we kept on trucking!

The trip itself went well...our kids, Shaylee (the birthday girl) & Maria were great travelers and we met a bunch of friends down in San Antonio.  Danny played a few shows with Brave Combo ( in Denton, TX and in New Braunfels, TX for Wurstfest.  Danny & I put together a 4 piece band with Bubba Hernandez & Michael Morris for a festival in Temple, TX.  We headed out to Salute's International Bar in San Antonio also to catch the "wizard on the box", Steve Jordan....sorry we missed him due to illness, but his band was there and Johnny did a hellofajob!   

It was a great time.  We met a lot of new people and got to sweat in 80 degree weather....only to return to the Frozen Tundra.  We'll be looking forward to TX in March.

Copper Box clip on

November 7, 2007

A clip from our "Backyard Party" photo shoot was bought by the producers of 'American Idol' and they used in the "American Band" commercial.  Keep your eye out for it!