Octoberfests and recording....

September 18, 2007

Did you see The Northwestern newspaper (Sept. 13th, 2007) with Danny's photo and accordion stretched across the front page of the Entertainment section?  Go to for more info...or if you want to read the article on the Oshkosh music scene.  I can't believe you can buy an 8X10 of his picture for $25!!!!  ha ha!

We are gearing up for Octoberfest season...already performed at the Plymouth Oktoberfest...great time, but cold...until we had the tent jam-packed....which gave off a lot of polka-rockin' body heat!  Just got back from TX, and we'll be going back in November.  I don't care for cold weather much myself!

Some of you will be excited to know that we have scheduled some more dates in the studio in October to finish our 4th Copper Box studio release. 

Also, many of you have already noticed our former drummer, Jeff Roblee, joining us a many of our shows lately on percussion.  We enjoy having him back and love the sound of drums and percussion....especially since we've been playing a few more cumbias!