Johnsonville Sausage LLC sponsors Copper Box

November 12, 2006

So we have a new CD coming out...entitled, "BACKYARD PARTY"...we had the party, we got the music, we now have the artwork and graphics done (thanks to Nathan Rank!) and Johnsonville Sausage (from the "small-town-big-brats-land" in Johnsonville, WI) is helping CBx to get this project hot and ready! (Sorry vegetarians!) THANK YOU TO JOHNSONVILLE SAUSAGE LLC, WE APPRECIATE YOUR SUPPORT!!!

Copper Box & Super Best Friends, unite!

November 5, 2006

Frank's Place was happenin' place again on Friday. Muchos gracias to our Amigos: Nate, White Lighting, Shaggy, Stumppfer, and Mr. Pat for jamming with us. We had all current and past Copper Boxers jammin' at one point. That was cool! On to Saturday, where the open arms of the Third Avenue Playhouse welcomed us in and let us perform our Polka-Rock Shows for them. It was great to see everyone who came out to the shows. We even got to play the "Vote for my Uncle Joe" Polka. {Danny's uncle, Joe, is running for Kewaunee County Treasurer} That's about it for now, and the New CD graphics are just about ready to be sent off to the printers. Cool, eh?