Hop Scotch Polka Video

There is a video of Copper Box performing the Hop Scotch Polka from last night's show @ Ballyhoos. Thanks to Michelle Genrich! Check it out @

Posted by Michelle Jerabek on Sunday, September 24, 2006

Waverly Inn in Two Rivers, WI

We had a great time at Waverly Inn on Sunday...nice relaxing place and friendly atmosphere. It was the first time we played in the area - plenty of parking, great food and good music. This is one venue that is working to promote music in the Help support them and check it out!

Posted by Michelle Jerabek on Sunday, September 10, 2006

New Recording

Well, after starting over three times, the new recording is almost complete. Mixing dates are set for the middle of September, so it really is going to be done! We tracked 8 songs including:
That's Enuff.., Spider & the Fly, Won't You love me like that, HopScotch Polka, etc...

Meanwhile back at live shows, Kevin Junemann, the newest member of the band on Bass, has been tearing it up and has added a great foundation along side Jason VanRyzin. Speaking of Jason VanRyzin, he has been adding new cymbals, "tings and chings", every week. You must see his new heavy duty (won't be blown over in a tornado) Microphone Stand. It is worth the price of admission right there! And of course Michelle, is playing whatever "the song" calls for on her arsenal of Musical Weapons. Danny, myself, is happier than a .... well never mind about that, but I'm very happy with the way the band is moving forward, and I just got my Squeeze Box fixed! Hope to see ya at a show soon. Don't be afraid- it's just a PolkaRock song.

Posted by Michelle Jerabek on Saturday, September 2, 2006