Thank you, Dave

June 29, 2006

Shaggy has been chosen to take over the Winneconne High School Band Teaching position. He has worked very hard through college keeping his grades up, and gigging with Copper Box. With taking a teaching position, means a lot of Friday night Football and Basketball games, and also marching the band in parades. So, Shaggy is good, but he can't be in two places at one time. We will miss him, but you can see him around at a gig once in awhile, as he may be helping out with mixing sound, and/or playing some Sousaphone. Also, maybe we'll have his high school concert band play some gigs with us. That would be cool. Good luck, Shaggy!

Copper Box is lucky to have Kevin Junemann from Stratford, WI joining the band on Bass guitar. Kevin is married to Erin, and has a little boy, Victor. He is a fun, dedicated guy, and a great addition to the band. Welcome, Kevin! Kevin played his first gig today with the band, and did a great job.

Now, all of you Sousaphone fans don't worry. Danny will be playing the Sousaphone, sooooooo we'll be mixing that into our song sets as well in the near future. Come out to a show this weekend! It's good therapy.

....We are being tested by the Rock 'N Roll gods!

June 19, 2006

We've been having some interesting days these past few weeks. We broke down on our way to New Glarus a few weeks ago. So we switched into our dad's van...which also started giving off a burning smelly sensation as we were 2 miles down the road. We had our van in the shop for major surgery for a week and a half. (Had to borrow a van from some GREAT friends of ours.) Finally got it back...used it for 2 days and we get to our job in Oshkosh (thank God it was Oshkosh and close to home!) and this lady drives past our van as we were unloading it and says, "You guys having problems with your radiator?" And I'm thinking, "No mam, not us...we just got it back!" Only to look at the front of the van where antifreeze is pouring out like milk on cereal. You got to be kidding! Luckily, we call my sister and her fiance and ask to borrow his truck for tomorrow so we can make it to Racine. They bring it out to the gig so we load everything up into their truck and our trailer. We limp our van to a shop nearby. I get out of the van and the hood is just steaming!! Just leave it there and walk away...I'm thinking.

We continue on our journey, wondering if someone is trying to send us a message or are we just having a streak of bad luck? On our way to Sunday's show in Racine at the Harbor Fest we are having a great time comfortably riding in this really nice truck when out of the corner of Shaggy's left eye he sees this lady hydroplanning and this look on her face that's screeming "HELP---I'm GOING TO HIT YOU!!!" It is raining pretty good and her little chevy cavelier couldn't handle the puddles. She was in the far left lane and we were in the middle lane. Danny checks his mirrors and immediately trys to change lanes into the far right lane- while the lady is doing circles between Nate's truck and the concrete wall that divides the highway. Please do NOT hit the truck!! .....

.......bam, Bam... BAM!!

Should I call Nate and tell him about his truck now or later?

The most of the damage was to the trailer--thank goodness and I'm guessing our trailer saved that lady's life. There could have been a whole lotta car pile up on HWY 45 in Menomonee Falls that day. Luckily there was no one hurt and we could all walk away from it.

So we continue on to Harbor Fest and make it in time, but it's raining and everything's wet. We did get to play an hour set and thanks to the fans that brought their umbrellas and those that just stood in the rain to watch.

We talked to JJ from McAuliffe's Pub in Racine, WI. He's the biggest, baddest Irish rocker in town! And after telling him the story, his advice to us was, "Don't worry're just being tested by the rock n' roll gods who are trying to separate the wannabees from the real guys!"