Only 50 years and Oshkosh is Still Rocking

July 18, 2004

The Northwestern - July 2004

Five decades of rock in Oshkosh and beyond:

Fifty years ago 19-year-old Elvis Presley walked into Sun Records in Memphis and recorded a rhythm and blues song written by Arthur Crudup.

"That's Alright Mama," not only went on to launch the career of the man who would be "The King" but is also being comemorated as the birth of the musical genre known as rock'n'roll...

Wisconsin has contributed such rock legends as Les Paul, Steve Miller and Jerry Harrison. Even Oshkosh has left its mark on rock music....

While it's not likely that Oshkosh will ever regain its musical glory from the era of beer bars and live music, there is still plenty to be proud of.

Waterfest has become one of the most sought after slots for up and coming bands. A thriving jazz scene is leading to more musical interaction across all genres. With an amphitheater on the horizon, and local original bands like Boxkar, The Cool Waters Band, and Copper Box are ushering in the next generation of Wisconsin rock.

"The Fox Valley is the music scene in the state right now, " Szebini said....

by Jeff Potts (