New Copper Box video released....Zydeco Boogaloo

We are happy to share this video with you...Copper Box - Zydeco Boogaloo!  If you like it....please SHARE it!  Thank you!

Danny Jerabek: Hohner Accordion

Michelle Jerabek: tenor sax

Dan Cable: drums, audio

Drew Hicks: bass

Marlo Ambas: video recording and edits

copyright 2018


Copper Box turns 16 years old!

The band's first official gig was in a big heated garage for a private party.  As the band painfully played their new songs and new arrangements of covers, the people at the party quickly fizzled out and politely left early, and the band was asked to quit early. Thankfully, they still paid the band anyways. Michelle and Danny were a little devastated, wiped their tears, packed up everything, and went home and worked/tweaked their songs and playlist that same night. 

After a little time had passed, Copper Box got a little better and Michelle started calling up music venues around the Fox Valley and Green Bay, WI.   A lot of the venues seemed to be a little interested in having the band play, until they asked about the instrumentation....  'we have a bass, guitar, drums, and I play saxophone' said Michelle, but as the excitement of possibly booking a gig, she mentioned 'and my husband plays the squeezebox'..... many venues passed on the band.   And then one day, it finally happened!!   Hero's Bar in Green Bay actually liked the band's new sound, and wanted us to perform there.  The night was fantastic and everyone had a great time.  The band was pumped up as they played all of their songs from Copper Box's 1st recording (Roots), and good things were on the horizon.

Slowly music fans heard about this band with a great rhythm section that features 'a decent looking gal' on sax and a 'sweaty' accordionist, playing originals and groovy cover tunes.  Festivals, picnics, clubs, bars, and private events started to call & book us. 

16 years later, we're still here and still thinking of ways we can improve and promote the band and our sound/songs.  We (Danny & Michelle) have been blessed to be surrounded by good musicians (who happen to be good human beings, too) this whole time.  Without them, Copper Box would not be rockin'.  Life is good and music makes it so much better.  Thank you for supporting Copper Box, and we'll see you at a show.

Merry Christmas and a very Happy Holidays to everyone!

We hope everyone is stress free and is taking in everything life has to offer us.  The band has been very busy performing the last few months, and we are looking forward to a little break after the holidays to spend with our families.  

If your looking for some new holiday music, please check out Danny and Michelle's side project recording:

Thank you for your ongoing support of Copper Box's music!   


Posted by Dan Jerabek on Sunday, December 10, 2017

Michelle won a WAMI award!

Congrats to our very own, Michelle Jerabek.  Michelle was voted the Reed/Brass Player of the year by Wisconsin Area Music Industry (WAMI) at the award ceremony last weekend.  Thank you to everyone who voted! 

Posted by Dan Jerabek on Thursday, April 27, 2017

New music video, Getaway!

media/photos/copperbox music shoot-5.jpg
Danny Jerabek

New music video, Getaway coming soon!  Be the first to view and sign up on our email list!  It is the best way to stay informed and be part of our support system! 

To go along with the title track of the new CD, Getaway...we wanted to give you a music video to enjoy....FREE!!!!  We had a great time making this music video...thanks to Sirna Productions!  We can't wait to share it with get on the mailing list and then tell your friends and family!!!


Oktoberfests and more......

Copper Box will be kicking off the Oktoberfest season starting this Saturday in Milwaukee.   Please visit the calendar to see when/if we'll be coming to your area.  The band always has a great time celebrating the harvest season and drinking some tasty 'biers', too!

Also, pick up your copy of the latest recording, Getaway, at a show, or visit our website store and order one, or download it from iTunes.    Prost!!

Posted by Dan Jerabek on Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Summer update...

The new album, Getaway, has been well received by our fans and friends.  Pick up a copy at a show or visit our website store to get yours.  Thank you!

Copper Box has been quite busy the last month performing shows, and will be busy throughout the rest of this summer season.  Please check out our calendar to see if the band is playing near you.

One more thing, Danny and Michelle will be performing on The Morning Blend this Friday morning, July 15th, at 9am.  Tune in on Milwaukee's TMJ channel 4.

Posted by Dan Jerabek on Thursday, July 14, 2016