In The Summertime - June 2009

Track list

1 In The Summertime
2 I Wanna Go Out Tonight
3 Take A Picture
4 I Like Zydeco Music/Everything I Do
5 La Curva
6 Poor Georgie
7 Maybe Next Time
8 Fast As You
9 Good Ole Mountain Dew
10 Do Good Baby
11 Start Over Again
12 Jacque's Waltz

About In The Summertime

Danny Jerabek - accordion, cornet, keyboards, vocals, penny whistle, trombone, etc.

Michelle Jerabek - saxophones, guitar, vocals

Jason Van Ryzin - drums

Kevin Junemann - bass, ukelele

*"Whoopie" Jim Wilfahrt - harmonica on track #1, #4

*Marc Golde - arpeggiating guitar on track #7


Produced by Danny Jerabek and Copper Box.

Recorded by Marc Golde at Rock Garden Studio.

Tracks 1, 2, 3 & 12 mixed by Todd Fitzgerald @ Winterland Studios.

Tracks 4-11 mixed by Marc Golde and Danny Jerabek at Rock Garden Studio.

Cover art by Cal Jones.

Photography by Tony Mata at Meridian Studio.

Published by Polka Rock Publishing Co.